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Our Mission

At Sandy’s Pet Care we provide Petsitting and Boarding Services for your furry family members. Our clients have trusted us for over 16 years and you can too. When your canine companions can't be with you, we will make sure that they have: 

  • Safety,
  • Exercise,
  • Socialization
  • and Attention.

We also provide special needs for elderly animals or those who need medication. When you arrive home from work, vacation or a business trip your pooches will be happy and relaxed.




Pet Sitting, Boarding, and Walking At Sandy's Pet Care, our goal is to exercise your dogs and tire them out to keep them happy and healthy.



While you're at work, on vacation or away on business you can assure the pets in your home will be well looked after and given lots of love.



We specialize boarding and provide the comforts from your home, in our home including giving daily medications.